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Each week, collectors from all over the world gather on Vintage Breaks to watch Leighton Sheldon, Mike Eisner, and their crew open up vintage sports card packs and boxes live on Facebook Live, Youtube, and Periscope.

It's a truly unique experience in the hobby that you can be a part of. We open up packs that are 50, 60, even 70 years old right in front of you, and everyone has a shot at getting these cards.

How it works
To participate, visit vintagebreaks.com and check out the available breaks on sale. Purchase a spot and you'll be entered into a drawing for that group. Once the group sells out, the real fun begins.

The picking order is chosen randomly before the break begins, and the box or pack is opened live on air. Everyone participating will get to see what they've won instantly. The cards are then shipped out to their new owners.

The really cool thing about opening these vintage packs and boxes is that it's making history each and every time. The amount of fresh material still in the original packaging is slowly becoming extinct. It's alway fun to unearth these cardboard treasures and share them with the card-collecting community.

Remember, you don't need to buy a slot to get in on the action. Most of our fans simply tune in and watch for the excitement of it all.


We go live every Tuesday and Thursday night at 6pm EST, and every Friday at 4pm EST.

Recent highlights:

We are extremely proud of this new venture and look to keep it growing and keep putting out awesome break opportunities for all of our fans and customers.

***At the 2018 National in Cleveland we'll be breaking a 1955 Bowman cello pack. This will be Friday August 3rd at 3:30PM EST on the Mike Berkus main stage.***

1986 Fleer Jordan Box Break