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Selling Your PSA Graded Set or Collection?

Are You Thinking of Selling Your PSA Graded Sets or Collection?

Are you considering selling your PSA graded set(s)?  Just Collect, Inc. offers a convenient, quick and easy way to get top dollar for your set or collection without the hassles of listing them on eBay, sending them out to an auction house or lugging them to a card show for some lowball offer.  Contact Just Collect, Inc. and you could sell your set(s) and be paid before the end of the week!

Just Collect’s Process is Easy – Appraisals and Offers Can Be Made Without The Cards Ever Leaving Your Possession

We can appraise your PSA graded set and make you a highly competitive offer without the cards ever leaving your possession.  You don’t have to mail your graded set into us for the appraisal!  You don’t have to scan any cards!  Just email us the complete list of the cards and the PSA grades (ideally in an Excel file), or provide the link to your set if it is on PSA’s Set Registry website, and we can have the free appraisal completed and an offer for you in as little as 24 hours!

You don’t have to scan your set or pack your cards before you know what we will pay you for them.  You don’t even have to worry about paying any fees for this service.  It is FREE!   Just Collect, Inc. will WOW you with a very strong offer – one that we are confident will be the best in the industry!

1. You want to sell your cards?  We want to buy them!

2. You want to get paid now?  We can pay you within 24 hours of receiving your collection!

3. You want to get the most money possible for your collection?  We are the strongest buyers!

Just Collect Will Value Your Set Using The Most Current Information

We will calculate the value of your set(s) or collection using up-to-date market sales data.  We evaluate the set on a card-by-card basis determining the current market value of each card.  Using current data and sales trends, we will provide you with an appraisal that is based upon real-time information and not some shot-in-the-dark estimation, some illogical calculation from an outdated price guide or a lowball guesstimate.  We have perfected this system so that we can provide you a full appraisal on your graded set as quickly as 24 hours.

If You Decide To Sell to Just Collect, We Will Pay For the Cards To Be Shipped To Us

If you’re not local or close enough to come to our New Jersey office, you can send your set via OUR FedEx account.  We pay the ENTIRE shipping cost and the insurance!  You can track the transport of your cards every step of the way. As soon as it arrives, we’ll contact you to let you know that it is in our possession.  We will then confirm the contents and send out your payment!  We have successfully purchased hundreds of collections via this method without incident!

Just Collect Is Experienced and Knowledgeable

We’ve been buying from the public for nearly a decade!  Buying partial and complete graded sets and collections from people all over the country has become our expertise.  Recently, we’ve bought some incredible high end graded sets through our website, sports card message boards and from word of mouth.  A few of the recent purchases include a complete PSA 8 and higher 1955 Topps All American Set, a 1960 Topps PSA graded baseball set of ALL PSA 8 and higher with no qualifiers, a 1973 Topps PSA graded baseball set in all PSA 8 and PSA 9 and a 1967 Topps Near Set in PSA 8 to PSA 10 (a video of this collection is shown below).  Why go through all of the hassle only to find out that you should’ve just called Just Collect, Inc.

What Are You Waiting For?

Send us your set details and list today.  We’ll make you an offer. It really is that simple.  We’ll even pay for shipping if we reach an agreement to purchase you collection!  email us today!

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