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Wrestling All Stars Complete Set Collection

Featuring Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Ric Flair and more!

  • June 22, 2018
  • Leighton Sheldon

1982 Wrestling All Star Hulk HoganSport?!?

The debate rages forever.  Is wrestling a sport or is it entertainment?  When I was a kid, my friends that loved wrestling swore that it was as sport and some even insisted that the action was real.  Today, I think that most reasonable people can agree that the outcomes in professional wrestling are predetermined and the matches are choreographed, but while it still may not be considered a sport by some, there is little doubt that the wrestlers are indeed athletes. 

Many wrestlers were successful athletes in other sports, so not recognizing their athletic feats is silly.  How many 250-300 pound men do you know that can jump from the top of the turnbuckle while launching themselves into another wrestler and get up and walk away.  Heck, most men that I know would have a hard time climbing the ropes, let alone jumping 8-10 feet in the air.

Wrestling Isn't New

There are many other wrestling sets and sets that include wrestlers, including 19th Century issues including Allen & Ginter, Goodwin Champions and many specialty issues. Some of the more notable sets that were dedicated to wrestlers post WWII included the 1955 Parkhurst Wrestling Set issued in Canada, the 1982-83 Wrestling All Stars Set highlighted by this blog and the 1985 Topps WWF Set which included 66 cards and 22 stickers.

1982-83 Wrestling All-Stars AdvertisementWhere Did They Come From?

The Wrestling All-Star set was advertised by Pro Wrestling Enterprises as "The first set ever of real professional wrestling trading cards with full color photos of thirty-six top stars". If you were a reader of the Wrestling News Magazine or just spotted the advertisement while waiting on a doctor's appointment, you could've owned these sets by simply sending a $5.00 payment and you would receive a complete set of 36 cards which were tightly, too tightly often times, sealed in plastic. Sister publication, The Wrestling Revue also carried ads for the cards.

Issued in three different sets of 36 cards (yes, I know we mentioned 33 cards in the video - Ooops) during 1982 and 1983, the sets are identifiable by the reverse.  Each set has a specific reverse color and the copyright notes 1982 Series A, 1982 Series B or 1983 Series A.  You can find the checklist for each of the three series further down in this blog.

Some serious collectors of this issue have suggested that there may have been less than 2,000 sets issued (some argue there may have been even less) and that Wrestling News continued to advertise them for several years.  Little did anyone know the value that these sets would reach.

The 1982 Series A Set is the one that most collectors flock to.  The inclusion of Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan are the primary draws, but there are so many other stars including legends like Dusty Rhodes, Bob Backlund, Bruno Sammartino, Ric Flair and Jerry Lawler.

While the 1982 Series A Set was only advertised for a short period, the 1982 Series B and the 1983 Series A were advertised for another couple of years.

The least popular of the sets is the 1982 Series B, but that doesn't mean that they're worthless.  Far from it!  Factory sealed Series B Sets will still command hundreds of dollars and inlcuded the likes of Ricky Steamboat, Sergeant Slaughter, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, former Minnesota governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Tito Santana and The Iron Sheik.

The 1983 Series A Series, which is a bit easier to find in both unopened and in higher grade condition, featured Jimmy Hart, Fred Blassie, Captain Lou Albano, The Grand Wizard and Sheik Al-Kaissey (aka The Iron Sheik) are some of the most famous managers in the history of wrestling and all appear in the 1983 set.

1982 Series A

1 Andre the Giant
2 Hulk Hogan
3 Mil Mascaras
4 Ted DiBiase
5 Junk Yard Dog
6 Dusty Rhodes
7 Jack Brisco
8 Harley Race
9 Dory Funk Jr.
10 Terry Funk
11 Nick Bockwinkel
12 Bob Backlund
13 Bruno Sammartino
14 Pedro Morales
15 Don Muraco
16 Bill Dundee
17 Steve Olsonoski
18 Tommy Rich
19 Angelo Mosca
20 Bruiser Brody
21 The Fabulous Moolah
22 Wahoo McDaniel
23 Billy Robinson
24 Ivan Koloff
25 Tony Atlas
26 Pat Patterson
27 Ric Flair
28 Ivan Putski
29 Dick Murdoch
30 The Crusher
31 Ken Patera
32 Ernie Ladd
33 Dick the Bruiser
34 Jerry Lawler
35 Cowboy Bill Watts
36 The Destroyer

Andre the GiantRic FlairJerry Lawler

1982 Series B
1 Rick Martel
2 Tony Garea
3 Bob Roop
4 Greg Gagne
5 Jim Brunzell
6 Jay Strongbow
7 Kerry Von Erich
8 S.D. Jones
9 Brad Rheingans
10 Killer Kahn
11 Ricky Steamboat
12 Paul Orndorff
13 Tito Santana
14 Sergeant Slaughter
15 Verne Gagne
16 Bobby Heenan
17 Jerry Blackwell
18 Les Thornton
19 Adrian Adonis
20 Jesse Ventura
21 Buck Zum Hofe
22 Jimmy Valiant
23 Steve Keirn
24 Ray Stevens
25 The Iron Shiek
26 Mr. Wrestling II
27 Col. Buck Robley
28 Bobby Duncum
29 Mike George
30 Dino Bravo
31 Baron Von Raschke
32 Bobo Brazil
33 Greg Valentine
34 Joyce Grable
35 Sweet Brown Sugar
36 Dutch Mantell

Ricky SteamboatJesse The Body VenturaThe Iron Shiel

1983 Series A
1 "Superstar" Graham
2 Tiger Mask
3 Sheik El Kaissey
4 Sgt. Jacques Goulet
5 Curt Hennig
6 Tully Blanchard
7 Superfly Jimmy Snuka
8 Gino Hernandez
9 Lou Thesz
10 Hacksaw Jim Duggan
11 Mr. Olympia
12 "Iron" Mike Sharpe
13 Jimmy Hart
14 Spike Huber
15 Steve Regal
16 Buddy Rogers
17 Jules Strongbow
18 Salvatore Bellomo
19 Bob Sweetan
20 Scott Casey
21 The Grappler
22 Big John Studd
23 Buddy Rose
24 Rocky Johnson
25 Jake Roberts
26 The Super Destroyer
27 Antonio Inoki
28 Dick Slater
29 Ken Lucas
30 Ricky Morton
31 Fred Blassie
32 Lou Albano
33 The Grand Wizard
34 Candi Divine
35 Austin Idol
36 Matt Borne

Jimmy Superfly SnukaJim Hacksaw DugganLou Albano

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