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7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Sell Your Baseball Cards on eBay

  • August 01, 2016

People think it’s easy to sell baseball cards on eBay. “How hard could it be?” they’ll say. “That seller got [X amount] for this card, I should be able to get that price too.” People fail to grasp that using eBay effectively is not an easy task. They’ll focus on the final sale price realized without understanding that there is much more to the process than meets the eye. If you want to achieve a fair price for your collection and avoid a huge headache, here are seven reasons why you should absolutely NOT

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Sell Your Baseball Cards To Just Collect

  • February 17, 2014
  • Leighton Sheldon

How Does Just Collect Buy Baseball Card Collections? During the course of a typical week, Just Collect receives a wide range of inquiries via telephone and email with questions about items that we have available for auction on eBay, items that we have sold, whether we can fill want lists, how much their baseball cards are worth, whether we set up at baseball card shows, and a wide range of other questions. One of the most common questions is, “Where do you get all of your great cards?” The simple answer is Just Collect is ALWAYS buying vintage baseball card

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