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Michael Jordan and Other Modern Icons

Rookies and Stars Collected from Shops to Shows

  • February 12, 2016
  • Scott Alpaugh

How do you collect? Do you buy complete sets? Do you buy select singles? Do you build your collection from buying wax packs or other people's collections? Do you buy on the Internet, from eBay, from catalogs, at card shows or from the local card shop? At some point, you've probably explored at least one, if not most of these card buying and collection building options. Recently, we had a young gentleman contact that had grown up in the Washington, DC area. He had a collection that he had built from going to card shops and card shows throughout his

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1980 Topps Magic Johnson & Larry Bird Rookie PSA 8

  • July 17, 2013
  • Leighton Sheldon

It’s one of the more unique designs in Topps history and there are many years where it wouldn't really work.  However, considering that Magic Johnson and Larry Bird will forever be joined at the figurative hip, the 1980-81 rookie card they share seems oddly appropriate. The 1980-81 Topps basketball issue features three rectangular player photos per card, separated by perforations.  Yes, 32 years ago, Topps decided you should be able to play ‘tear-away’ with your basketball cards.  Putting Magic and

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1980 Topps Basketball Cards PSA 10’s & 9's

  • May 12, 2013
  • Leighton Sheldon

After nearly a decade of obscurity, insignificance, and underwhelming performances, basketball is finally back! Now before you hardcore fans bite my head off, take a long hard look at the level of talent league wide throughout the period of 2000-2008. It was stomach turning! With every GM chasing down the next Kobe, drafting purely on best case scenario speculation and The League still allowing players to jump right from high school, the NBA was flooded with inexperienced, undeveloped, and often immature players that made watching the sport almost painful (and this is coming from a lifelong fan of the game).

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