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A Father's Collection - A Festival of Fifties Favorites

With Mickey Mantle and 2 Sandy Koufax Rookies!

  • July 12, 2019

1953 Bowman Color Mickey MantleDaddy Left It To Me Some families pass down good genes, some pass down wealth, some pass down fantastic recipes and some pass down collectibles.  A father left his collection of baseball cards from his son and when the son was ready to capitalize on the collection, he did his research and reached out to several companies for appraisals and purchase offers.  Just Collect outperformed all of the competition and in the end, was the choice of where to sell the

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1968 Topps Action All-Star Stickers

  • December 07, 2012
  • Leighton Sheldon

1968 Topps Action All-Star Stickers #1 Carl Yastrzemski PSA 7 pop 1 (0 Higher)In 1968, Topps produced a set of Action Stickers as part of a never-ending quest to find products that would score with their young audience.  Some of you may be doing a double take right now. Action ..what? The ’68 Action Stickers are not well known outside the corps of serious collectors and fans of Topps history.  How scarce are they?  Consider that PSA has

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