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Wrestling All Stars Complete Set Collection

Featuring Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Ric Flair and more!

  • June 22, 2018
  • Leighton Sheldon

1982 Wrestling All Star Hulk HoganSport?!? The debate rages forever.  Is wrestling a sport or is it entertainment?  When I was a kid, my friends that loved wrestling swore that it was as sport and some even insisted that the action was real.  Today, I think that most reasonable people can agree that the outcomes in professional wrestling are predetermined and the matches are choreographed, but while it still may not be considered a sport by some, there is little doubt that the wrestlers are

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Just Collect’s Leighton Sheldon Makes American Pickers Debut

  • June 08, 2018

Back in February, Leighton appeared on an episode of American Pickers and appraised several items in a basketball memorabilia collection. You can watch the full episode, Slam Dunk Junk, if you log in to your account with your TV provider. Leighton appears near the end of the episode. So we asked Leighton a few questions about his appearance on the show. The History Channel | American Pickers What was it like being on the show with Frank and Mike, two antiques legends? I was on the show in the virtual sense (calling in), but

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The New England Antique Collection - Part Two

Featuring Mickey Mantle, Sandy Koufax, Roberto Clemente and more!

  • June 01, 2018
  • Leighton Sheldon

1954 Topps Ted WilliamsRepeat Business We at Just Collect love being able to make multiple purchases from the same sellers.  We've had some success with several sellers across the country that have returned to sell more of their collection.  We've shared some of the stories with in previous blogs.  This collection is one that was several years in the making. Last Fall, we were able to meet with a seller from New England and purchase a portion of his collection as highlighted in our December

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1933-34 Chicle Sky Birds Set Collection

A great pre-war non-sport set purchased at auction

  • May 24, 2018
  • Leighton Sheldon

Charles Lindberg We Buy From Auctions, Too Our blog entries are usually about cards or collections that we purchase from collectors that have contacted us for either evaluation or for sale.  This collection, however, was purchased from an auction house.  "An auction house?" you might wonder.  Yes, an auction house.  We are very active and aggressive about acquiring material and while we enjoy buying from private collectors, we are always looking for other cards, sets and collections.  Auction houses sometimes afford Just Collect the opportunity

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The Memphis Topps Baseball Set Collection

Run of sets from 1952-1980 with extra Mantles and T206 Ty Cobb!

  • May 11, 2018
  • Leighton Sheldon

1956 Topps #135 Mickey MantleDad Built a Really Nice Set Collection A gentleman from Memphis, Tennessee was referred to Just Collect with a collection that he and his father had assembled over several decades.  The collection consisted of a run of complete Topps sets from 1952 to present as well as some additional cards and player collections.   We spoke about the collection and eventually flew to Tennessee to meet with the gentleman, review the collection and prepare an offer.  And even though we reached an

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