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1952 Topps Baseball PSA 8

  • June 10, 2012
  • Leighton Sheldon
You’ll need a lot of fingers to count the reasons why the 1952 Topps set has been so captivating for collectors of vintage baseball cards.  They’re all a part of the equation that makes it such a daunting—and rewarding –project for set collectors. They’re hard to find, period, but something really special when you can locate them in high grade.  This week, we’re offering a special opportunity to add some super high quality PSA 8 1952 Topps cards among our eBay listings including one of the toughest cards to find in the entire set. Part of the reason for their popularity is the simple fact that the ’52 Topps cards are true works of art.  Their size was unlike anything youngsters had ever seen when the first packs began to show up on store shelves.   That made them susceptible to wear and combined with the passage of 60 years, it’s no wonder that 1952 Topps are so hard to find in near mint condition.   A few ‘finds’ have been made over the years, but generally, high grade copies are scarce. Consider this:  Of the 158,000+ cards from this set that PSA has graded, just 1,740 total are ranked higher than the PSA 8 copies we have up for bid. The cards we are offering include an Al Zarilla black back variation of which there are no others graded higher.  It’s priced at $4,999.  There’s a Bubba Church that has already seen some pretty intense bidding and a Ferris Fain red back that has only two cards grading higher in the PSA Population Report.  We have other black back variations from the set up for bid as well.  These auctions close Sunday, June 10. Even if you’re not able to try and tackle the complete set, owning just one of these near mint-mint beauties would certainly help your collection stand out.  We’re bullish on the long term value of this iconic set and when you combine scarcity with demand, it’s a pretty irresistible combination. 1952 Topps #70 Al Zarilla Black Back White Sox PSA 8 pop 81952 Topps #323 Bubba Church Reds PSA 8 (Only 3 Higher)
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