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How To Package Your Cards For Shipping

Below are some basics on how to secure and protect your card collection for shipment to us, ensuring that they will arrive in the same condition as when you sent them.

Use Cardholders

We recommend “Card Saver” brand card holders as others tend to allow your cards to slide, shake and shimmy out of the holders. Card Saver brand, in our experience, keeps your cards in one position, won’t let it slide out and are extremely thin, saving you weight and size costs in shipping. Never add tape to areas of any card holders where contact to the card may occur. Tape or other adhesives will ruin your cards.

Stack and Support

Next, stack the entire group of cards you wish to ship and secure the outsides of your stack with a sturdy (but not damaging) support, such as cardboard or foam core board, and secure the supports with tape.

Choosing the Box

Finally, select an adequate sized shipping box that appropriately fits the card(s) you wish to ship. If needed, use the foam packing peanuts to surround your cards within the box, to prevent shaking and movement in transit. Secure your box with packing or mailing tape, attach your mailing label to Just Collect, mail/ship it off, and voilà - you have made a safe and secure shipment of your valuable investment.

*Please make sure to add "signature confirmation" to the package, that way a Just Collect employee has to sign for it, and that way you'll also know exactly when we received it.