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Just Collect is the nation's largest buyer of vintage baseball cards. We also buy and sell football, basketball, hockey and non-sports cards.

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..At some point, the collection vanished and the thoughts turned to whether it had been thrown out or stolen. For decades, the gentleman thought his collection was gone and sadly, he passed away believing this to be the case. However...
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Do your cards tell a story?
We’ll help you tell it

Whenever we buy a collection, we’re excited to share the story, especially when it involves uncovering an old card collection from an attic or in storage - untouched for years.

First we create a video to review the collection. In it we identify key cards and famous players so our YouTube subscribers can see the collection for themselves.

Then we blog about it. Any interesting details of the story behind the cards get written up in our blog. This helps us communicate to our community a bit about where the collection came from and what's included.

Finally we'll put the collection up for auction where it can circulate into the hands of collectors around the globe.


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We buy cards for cash!

Just Collect has bought and sold more than 15 million dollars in card collections over the past decade. It's our passion more than just our business. We have funds available for immediate payment whether your collectibles are worth $500 or $500k.

REAL customer testimonials

  Pat S. in Syracuse, NY

"I brought my dad's card collection down and was treated with the utmost respect. Scott is a true professional! Thanks a million!"

  N.R. Lewes, Delaware

"Recently I sold a Golden Press baseball card book to Just Collect. I sent the book through the mail and after agreeing to a price I received my check two days later. I would recommend their services to others."

  Paul B., NY

"I began collecting these cards as a kid. I put much of the 1969 Topps football and baseball sets together then. I rediscovered the hobby when my kids were born in the '80's. We collected cards as a family and put the rest of the collection together through those years. I found Just Collect to be easy to work with and the process of selling my collection went very smoothly. I believe I got a fair price for my cards. I would recommend Just Collect highly."

Digital Scan or Photography

The most common way we review collections is by having you send digital scans or photographs. A smartphone, any digital camera or flatbed digital scanner is sufficient for these purposes and we've written detailed instructions on how to do so.

Send them to us

For customers not within driving radius to meet at one of our locations, we ask that you ship us your cards. Return shipping is guaranteed and we are fully insured. We treat your cards as we would our own and handle them accordingly.

Make an Appointment

We have appraisal locations in NJ and NYC Metro area as well as a specialist in the Boca Roton FL area. To meet in one of these locations or our Somerset NJ headquarters appointment are required.

We'll come to you

Sports card collections uncovered in a relative's attic or basement can be great finds but sometimes too delicate to ship. We often travel across the country (at our own expense) to evaluate more valuable collections or those too large to ship.